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The team that you can trust to build your idea into a brand.

Saba has spent the past 21 years as a business innovator and brand strategist. Saba and his team found patterns in the global market that restrict business’s success from creation, launches, and promotion. Now he uses these fail-safe methods of practices to create, launch and promote dozens of brands in a year in 13 industries with his partners.

Saba and his team are deeply knowledgeable in a wide-ranging business sector. Specialized in creating, launching, and promoting ambitious brands in the following Industries:

Advertising/Public Relations
Business Services
Construction, Interior & Exterior
Food & Lodging
Health Care & Cosmetics
Investment Holding
News Media
Recreation Activities

For the last two decades, Saba and his team have been innovatively building brands and creating a better customer experience. They scale brands globally for exponential growth.

Suppose you want to be the first in your industry and stand out from your competition to get the customer’s attention that your brand deserves. You’re in the right place to take your brands to the center of the global markets.

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(Chairman and founder)
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Quality Of Customer Experience Begin...

QCE businesses was founded by SABA who is a visionary leader, Saba realized increasing in customer expectation Is what led to the demand for the future innovation.

His proven method will shake the confidence over the unreliable innovation. He believes a beautiful customer experience throughout the MVP process is the failsafe method to create, launch and promote a product or services.


2nd Feb, 2003

Exhibition Planning & Exhibition Management

21st Sep, 2007

QCE Server and Web Host Solutions as a hosting providing service.

19th Aug, 2011

The purpose of the business plan.

2nd May, 2015

Builds Websites Inc Launched as a branding company.

8th Jul, 2018

QCE Technologies Inc Rebranded as a brand development company.,

22nd Sep, 2021

Meals For Miles Launched as a Meal Replacement Shake.

12th Jan, 2020

Establishment of QCE

8th Jul, 2005

Registered as a construction company

18th Aug, 2010

Construction bought the Greek company Delta

27th Nov, 2014

D&D Web Technologies Inc Launched as a web development company.

8th Jul, 2016

QCE Global Drop Shippers Launched as a 3PL service provider.

22nd Sep, 2021

History to Unite and Inspire People
We are extremely proud to have you onboard with us and look forward to helping you along our journey of idea into a brand.

Welcome to QCE Group. We are waiting to create, launch and promote brands for a exponential growth. If you think we can work together, Don’t hesitate to reach us for any kind of help in building brands.

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